Sunday, 15 March 2009

All sport is pointless, apart from football of course.

My week so far has been literally incredible. I sit here on a wave of euphoria wondering how to get down so I can cook my tea. The reason for my pure joy is my beloved football team, the mighty Liverpool FC. In what has been a lovely week they managed to beat the once mighty Real Madrid 4-0 and then hated rivals Manchester United 1-4 at Old Trafford. Our season seems to be back on track and although I still think United will win the title I think we can say we have challenged and push on from there.

And anyway we’ll win the Champions League.

All this football got me thinking about other sports that I simply do not understand.

Rugby – Seems to me just stupid people running into each other and calling it sport, although they are bigger than me so they can do what they want.

Hockey – I’m sorry but what could possibly be fun about running about with a stick whacking each other. Seems utterly pointless.
Still lovely posh girls play it so it has some redeeming qualities.

Basketball – I suppose this is alright. I’ll let it of the hook this time.

And this brings us neatly to the mother of all non-sports…


You can’t play anything for 5 days and it still is a draw at the end. Simple as that.

At the moment I completely swamped with hundreds of essays of which I understand none of them so that’s fun. I’m going to get cracking on one of them in a minute and try not to procrastinate too badly. Now seems like a good time. There is nothing to watch on tele, my internet is so slow iplayer is inaccessible, my flat mate is not here, there is no food in the fridge so I cant waste time by eating and my playstation has finally given up the ghost.

Time for some work, I’ll just tidy my room first…

Track of the Blog
Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before – The Smiths

Simply incredible before Mark Ronson came along and murdered it dead.

Album of the Blog
Years of Refusal – Morrissey

I like this new one because although not as good as some of the older ones, ‘Throwing My Arms Around Paris’ is classic Morrissey. ‘I’m OK By Myself’ and ‘Its Not Your Birthday Anymore’ are also rather brilliant.



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  2. Hi there,
    This is my first time at your blog.

    And, What about Tennis?? Tennis rocks. It's a very interenting game. Strenght and Velocity is been need, both phisycally and mentally to beat the other player. You also need tecnict and intelligence to win.
    Watch a match between Federer and Nadal is as exciting as watch Liverpool versus Manchester U.
    By the way, did you see the last liv.-man u. match last saturday?. This the first time Man U. is beaten is Old Tradford this season. It was an incredible game. So many goals at the end of the match. I honestly couldn't expect that.

    (And forgive my english lol)

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