Friday, 20 March 2009

Reinventing the wheel

Now there is one thing that that I don’t understand about this intraweb of ours. It is an amazing thing of course and it seems to get better with everyday although my connection seems to be getting worse.

But I just don’t understand these next two ‘web crazes’ Twitter and Spotify.

The thing is they say they are new but we already had them, they are just being repackaged as new, not as good things. For Twitter read Facebook and for Spotify read any site ever that you could download music off whether it be illegal or not.

I honestly can’t see the point of Twitter. I’ve been told that it helps to break news stories which I’m all for. But if I’m honest that’s what news websites are there for. Ok so we might get the information a tad later but I’m pretty sure we can live. We have been doing all right so far.

Someone actually told me that Twitter could be used to break news on disasters such as a school shooting or something. Now I may be old fashioned but if I witnessed a shooting the last thing I would do is to find a computer and boot up twitter. I’d probably be a bit tied up in calling the police or something.

No, the only thing I can see that is good about Twitter is the ability to see what celebrities are doing. Now I’m Steven Fry’s biggest fan but I really don’t care if he’s in Borneo. Likewise I’m not bothered if Jimmy Carr has just eaten a pizza.

Give me Facebook status updates from people I know and like over Twitter any day.

Now Spotify is a weird one for me because I can understand were it is coming from it’s just that I am totally against it in every way.

Me personally I have to have music stored somewhere whether physically in CD’s or vinyl’s or on a hard drive. I understand that some people aren’t as anal about it as me so I can let it go. What I don’t understand is how they would put the music onto an mp3 player. I don’t think I could live without my ipod even though it is slowly falling apart.

Another thing that perplexes me is that you have to listen to an advert every twenty minutes. I HATE adverts of all kinds. I go out of my way to avoid adverts at all times. Why would I then willing listen to them when I can get the music without adverts just as easily?

Rant over.

One little thing I want to put in here is that as of last night I currently have 850 albums on the ol’ laptop, a fact I am mighty proud of.

Track of the Blog
Last of the English Rose – Pete Doherty

Showing that there is actually talent underneath the hated image conjured by the tabloids.

Album of the Blog
Alas I Cannot Swim – Laura Marling

There are not enough people that know about this girl. She is simply amazing. Her acoustic songs are often quite sad but beautiful at the same time. Although her best song yet ‘London Town’ isn’t on the album.


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