Friday, 6 March 2009

Solving the World’s Problems

There’s been a bit of a gap since the last post but now the time has come for my solution to the world's problems that everyone has been waiting in eager anticipation for.

This idea seems so simple to me that either it is pure genius or its simply ridiculous. Probably the latter.

Now the basic idea is to get a couple of cows and clone them like dear old Dolly, as many times as necessary and stick them all in a massive warehouse. A nice big one with lots of space to move about in. After all we are not animals

Now it gets a bit childish but bare with me. You then attach some sort of pipe to the cow’s backside and collect all the methane that they produce to use as a gas to burn for power. Then when they get to their prime age bump them off and you have enough beef for everyone. Obviously the vegetarians will object but to be honest would you prefer to eat a lovely juicy steak that admittedly you might find disgusting or would you like to starve? So sorry Mum looks like your eating habits will have to change.

Now I honestly can’t see anything wrong with this idea so if you can point out any holes, which there are probably many, then feel free.

Just remember if it gets picked up by government, that it was here that the idea was first thought of. It could make me rich and famous or then again it could not. I’m not fussed.

I’ve managed to increase my overdraft so the fridge has been replenished with food and vodka so life is once again charming. I had to go into the bank to do it and was served by the most ridiculously cheerful person I’ve ever seen. It was un-nerving.

I don’t think I could be that happy working in a bank. It seems so passionless with all the blue and black plastic, dull marks and sparks suits and old people withdrawing five-pound notes. There is something about banks that make me nervous. I keep expecting someone to jump out and tell me that I’ve done something wrong. There is also the constant fear of a bank robbery happening, which would actually be quite exciting. Apart from the danger of being actually killed.

Track of the blog
Omen - The Prodigy

Good to see them back with a track that may actually, amongst all of their stand out songs, be on the top of the pile.

Album of the blog
Empire of the Sun – Walking on a Dream

Doing MGMT before MGMT, the Australian duo captures a beautiful image of a picturesque beach down under. Walking on a Dream and Half Mast my personal favorites.


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