Sunday, 1 March 2009

Sleepless nights and wasted hours

One of the banes of my life seems to be back and this time it’s not my hair. It’s the sporadic episodes of insomnia that I seem to suffer from. At the moment I’ve been up for about 24 hours, which isn’t that bad but the problem comes when I don’t know when I’ll actually be able to sleep. Hopefully tonight but who knows.

When sleep is unattainable I find that my mind drifts onto some of the most weird and wonderful things. Just this night I wondered do the girls in the Sugerbabes call the first few singles their own seeing only one of the original three are in it nowadays?

Other random questions and general musings include…

How I solved world hunger and the problem of renewable energy all in one neat solution but more on that next blog as I feel it needs its own special one.

Is Akon real or an invention of the ring tone companies?

Do people still get ring tones and stupid applications from those awful adverts?

Is listening to music from Disney’s Robin Hood on an everyday basis acceptable?
(Most definitely is the conclusion - Oo-de-lally by George Bruns is beautiful)

Do you have to have a tattoo to be a tattoo artist?

Sometimes I find myself planning out certain aspects of my life, which is great as I’m not a great planner. However I inevitably find that if I do manage to fall asleep all of it has disappear out of my head the next day and if I haven’t slept and its still all up there in the old brainbox, I’m just too damn lazy to do any of it so the whole process is pretty useless.

Another thing that I often think about is one of the most infuriating things in the world, which is of course the mystery that is Football Manager. This is one of the most perplexing things I've ever had the misfortune to encounter.

For those not familiar with the concept, you are the manager of any football team you care to imagine. The game basically involves taking them to greatness but there is no actual playing involved, all you do is watch the dots on the screen and try and be all tactical. Obviously this sounds pretty dull and you would think so until you play the stupid thing then you are hooked. Turn it on and the next time you look up it’s two hours later and you realized that yet another part of your life has been wasted on the damn thing.

It even finds ways to creep into your mind at other times. Laying in bed I find myself thinking about if I pushed Steven Gerrard into a more attacking role would I be able to break down the opposition easier (answer is yes, considerable) or if I should risk playing Fernando Torres because he’s just come back from an injury but then again we have an important game against Man U which could be the title decider and they are really on form (answer is doesn’t matter, they still beat us 3-0 and we lost the title)

In other news I’m getting into some dire straights with the whole living situation. You know that things are pretty serious when there is no vodka in the house. Sitting here looking at the last empty bottle on the table is made worse by the fact I will be living of porridge made with water and bread for the next couple of days/weeks until I either get a job or my overdraft gets increased. I’ll keep you updated on any exciting developments.

Hey ho, the life of a grown-up or in my case, a child with the ability to buy alcohol which is a much more fun image.

Track of the Blog
Lene Marlin - Sitting Down Here

Just came on one of the music channels and brought me back to a more youthful time of 1999. Made me all cheerful and set the day up nicely.

Album of the Blog
Colour It In – The Maccabees

One of my favorite albums of all time. The mix of the beautiful on Toothpaste Kisses and the urgent driven rhythm on Latchmere makes it pretty much prefect.

I’m looking forward very much to the next effort. So far so good with No Kind Words pretty ace.


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